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Reports to:     Executive Director               

Function:        Farming, Property and Facilities Management

Job Summary:    The Lands Manager is responsible for the administration, coordination, and management of Teller’s private 1,300 acres of land and facilities.   Tasks and work functions include, but are not limited to: weed management, traditional farming activities, food plot development, residential landscaping activities, and general property maintenance like road construction and maintenance, fencing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and equipment maintenance.  The position requires extensive knowledge in operations of farm equipment, including the ability to operate tractors, disks, plows, seed drills, mowers, cultivators and knowledge of procedures for land management and farming activities.  Operation of equipment including, but not limited to weed sprayers, ATVs, chainsaws, weed-eaters, generators, water pumps and other small equipment as deemed necessary.  Applicants must have the ability to work outdoors in all climates and a self-motivated individual who possesses a sound understanding and knowledge of land management practices, wildlife-friendly farming techniques and invasive weed management and specific treatment methods.


Essential Functions:     


  • Works with Executive Director to develop annual farming/habitat management plan, budget, and implementation of activities for the benefit of fish and wildlife within the terms of a conservation easement. Maintains property infrastructure, roads, ditches, water control structures and debris removal.

  • Executes and/or oversees farming programs with contractors, plants fields and food plots and implements irrigation as needed (flood, hand lines, wheel lines).  Monitors and regulates appropriate water rights delivery and reporting. Field management including tilling, seeding, irrigating, weed control, swathing and combining are required.

  • Operates and maintains shop, tools and equipment in orderly fashion including tractors, disking, blading, seeding, and mowing and irrigation equipment.

  • Manages and oversees all landscaping activities (planting, weeding, irrigating, mowing, trimming, trees, etc.) for Teller facilities.

  • Coordinates contracts with sub-contractors regarding land management activities where applicable and provides oversight.  

  • Directs and assists with implementation activities regarding invasive weed management, including inventory, monitoring and treatment (spraying, pulling, mowing, etc.).

  • Attends meetings, training and/or seminars regarding public programs, partnerships and irrigation districts as requested/needed.

  • Assists with implementation and delivery of Teller hunting program, access and other recreational programs with the general public, volunteers and donors.  

  • Collaborates with the other Teller staff members to assist with projects involving school students, teachers, youth groups, volunteers and donors.

  • Maintains clear and accurate records of project activities and reports this information to supervisor and bookkeeping staff.    


Supervision of Others: Supervision responsibilities may include work study students, interns, contractors, seasonal employees, and volunteers who may be assigned to specific conservation projects.


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Assisting with wildlife surveys.

  • Working with staff to host ecology-based workshops and coordinate/supervise such efforts.

  • Working with volunteers to develop land stewardship volunteer opportunities, coordinate and/or supervise and assist with such efforts.

  • Communicating with other Teller staff. 


Education and Experience: A minimum of three years experience in land/wildlife habitat management dealing with farming, ranching, landscaping and maintenance of property infrastructure, roads, lawns, ditches, fences, and irrigation systems.  Experience working with landowners and conservation organizations is encouraged.  Demonstrated experience in planning, program implementation and on-the-ground project management is essential.   Oral and written communication skills are required, and experience in reviewing project bids and design specification is beneficial.   A minimum of a GED or high school diploma is required, but a college degree is preferred.  A background in wildlife management, biology, conservation or related field is preferred.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Demonstrated experience in land management with experience in farming, ranching, wildlife food plots and general habitat management.

  • Proven ability to work independently with minimal supervision under an approved operations plan/budget.

  • Ability to troubleshoot equipment needs, repair and operate equipment.

  • Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Ability to work in a positive “Team” spirit promoting the mission of Teller.

  • Knowledge of wildlife ecology, wetland and grassland management including the ability to utilize various habitat management tools in the development of habitat management plans.

  • Knowledge of conservation and wildlife programs offered by Federal (i.e. Farm Bill, US Fish and Wildlife Service), State and private organizations is desired. 

Physical Demands: The incumbent will encounter primarily field conditions and work non-traditional hours, especially during farming and irrigation season.  The position will require heavy lifting, bending and physical exertion.  Frequent travel by 4-wheel drive vehicles, ATV, foot or mechanized farm equipment will be required.  Physical exertion conducting land management activities will require very good to excellent physical capability and health. 


Salary and Benefits:

  • Salary range - dependent on experience/education

  • Full benefits package available upon completion of a probationary period

to apply, please submit cover letter and resume to