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Conservation in Action

Teller Wildlife Refuge is made up of 1,300 acres of diverse habitats in the Bitterroot River, riparian corridor, including the river, streams, spring creeks, irrigation ditches, emergent and open water wetlands, uplands and agricultural fields. These resources are managed using a variety of methods to improve, restore, and maintain healthy land, water and wildlife habitat.

Management techniques include habitat enhancement, integrated weed management, wildlife-friendly agriculture, education and research, youth programs, active volunteer involvement, and landowner outreach. Teller also carefully manages access (public and private) for fishing and hunting activities to maintain healthy wildlife populations and a quality recreational experience for visitors.

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What’s New at Teller


The Buzz on the Refuge

Teller’s 10 acre pollinator plot is creating quite a buzz. Ravalli Republic has all the details in a recent article about this new Teller project.

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Fishing with their BEAR hands

Teller partnered with Birch Fett and outdoor youth mentoring program, BEAR to give youth the opportunity to try their hand at fly fishing on Teller

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American kestrel, a skillful predator

For years, known as the Sparrow Hawk, this small raptor is actually the smallest North American member of the falcon family.

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Conservation Education

The Teller Wildlife Refuge provides a unique setting for hands-on, outdoor learning activities. Through self-guided field trips and conservation projects, visitors engage in learning that fosters outdoor knowledge and skills. Visitors include schools, youth groups, volunteers, and conservation organizations.   


Become a Teller Volunteer

At Teller, our volunteers learn about and engage in conservation stewardship and education, are valued members of the Teller Team, and are vital to Teller's mission success.



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