About Teller



A Model for Conservation in Western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley


Teller Wildlife Refuge is made up of 1,300 acres of diverse habitats in the Bitterroot River riparian corridor, including the river, streams, spring creeks, irrigation ditches, emergent and open water wetlands, uplands and agricultural fields. These resources are managed using a variety of methods to improve, restore, and maintain healthy land, water and wildlife habitat. Our primary area of responsibility is restoring, enhancing and managing Teller’s diverse acreage. Our collective goal is to develop and expand our conservation education program.

Teller is a non-profit organization governed by a diverse volunteer Board of Trustees. A small, professional staff manages the day-to-day operations, implements the board-approved strategic plan and insures delivery of the mission “to inspire, educate and demonstrate conservation in action.” Teller accomplishes its mission through support from a variety of sources, locally, regionally, and nationwide. These charitable donations and support come from individual contributions, foundation grants, corporate sponsorships and the dedicated volunteers who contribute across Teller operations. All are vital to the success and continuation of our mission.

Teller carefully manages access (public and private) for fishing and hunting activities to maintain healthy wildlife populations and a quality recreational experience for visitors.

With sustainable financial resources, Teller Wildlife Refuge aims to:

  • utilize integrated weed management strategies

  • practice wildlife-friendly agricultural methods

  • expand education and research for youth and adults

  • nurture partnerships with landowners and conservation organizations

  • execute ongoing wildlife habitat enhancement projects

  • manage and continue restoration of its wetlands and streams

  • complete capital improvements and facilities enhancement

  • serve as a conservation model for others to follow

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